Congrats to Moon Wolf LLC on the purchase of the Shopko Building in Aitkin!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Carolyn and Erik Huff to the City of Aitkin. They own and operate Huff Entertainment Solutions,

Here is a copy of the facebook announcement:

So Erik and I did a little thing yesterday – we bought the old Shopko building in Aitkin!!!! Being shut down for the last year gave us A LOT of time to think about what direction we wanted to expand our business in once things started opening back up (OH – AND GUESS WHAT – GOVERNOR ANNOUNCED THE LOOSENING OF RESTRICTIONS TODAY!) For a good 6 months or more, we drove by that building dozens of time and Erik would nod to me and say…”there it is, you always wanted your own space” and I would smile and laugh. Then last November, I said let’s look at it (what else did we have to do that day? Nothing.) AS SOON AS I STEPPED foot in the building, my mind and ideas exploded. I WAS IN LOVE. Erik hasn’t been able to stop me from it pursuing ever since. We had many meetings with many key people in Aitkin and have been welcomed with open arms and have received so much support with future offerings to help us make sure this dream succeeds. How could we say no? We have so many plans and ideas for this building and we’ve been blessed with people bringing us even more ideas and plans. We’ll be making many announcements as we go with more details but just know that we plan to bring FUN to town not only serving the community but to increase tourism in the area. We will spend the next several months prepping the building before we can open. A few people we want to thank right away for getting us through the closing (and reminding us to breathe over the last few months) are our realtor Susan Ackerman at REMAX, Mark Jeffers at Growth Innovations and “AJ” who wears many hats but served as a consultant to us. Thank you to our family and friends who have been cheering us on since November. We love you all!!Enough with the sappy post, now I need to get back to serving all our current Huff Entertainment clients and projects since restrictions are lifted even more so – we have many concerts to put on or manage and get our groove on!!!!